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Hampshire ACO Newsletter

3rd June 2022
By Adam Smith

The Hampshire Association of Cricket Officials (HACO) have released the first edition of their newsletter, The Square and The Box, which they intend to distribute on a bi-weekly basis during the season.

This edition has already been released to Hampshire ACO members and club secretaries, but is also available to anyone with an interest in umpiring and/or scoring who may not yet be a member of HACO.

The newsletter producers hope that those in receipt will find it of interest and entertaining. Please feel free to feed any stories, observations, photos, rule clarifications to the editors of the newsletter: Jon Player and Paul Woolf (an email address is included in the publication).

Please note: the newsletter is not a forum for submitting complaints about umpiring standards or specific umpiring decisions - except where it may result in enlightenment for everyone!

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